Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Morning

In case anyone is interested, here is what we did this Saturday morning. We met friends at the Farmer's Market off Richmond at 8:00 AM. At first I thought that we wouldn't do that. It was too early but what the heck. We are always up by that time anyway so why not throw on some shorts and go. They are regulars at the market so they filled us in on who has the best goat cheeses, veggies and eggs. We didn't plan to buy anything but of course we did. Can't wait to try the homemade feta.
After the market we headed over to the Guadalupana Bakery and Cafe on Dunlavy. It is a tiny place that sits kitty-cornered (Texas talk for cross-wise) on a corner lot. They have some tables and umbrellas outside and a few tables and booths inside. We ate inside. It is too damn hot to eat outside even at 9:00 AM. They had a great looking case of Mexican rolls and pastries. I bought my favorite pan dulce, orejas. They were larger than the ones we get in San Miguel and I've nibbled off of one of them and they seem a little sweeter as well.

It has been a while since we had a Mexican breakfast so we also had breakfast. It was good and had a nice bite of chili. The big cups of steaming hot coffee had a touch of cinnamon. It was the first time we had been to Guadalupana but it won't be the last time.
When we left there it was almost 10:00. The Guild Shop, a resale shop, is on Dunlavy. It opens at 10 and we were on Dunlavy so why not stop. I've been looking for a cake plate to take back to San Miguel. I'd already checked out one of my favorite consignment shops and the one they had was pink. Pink isn't working for me. I have also checked out places like Crate & Barrel and theirs were all on pedestals and expensive. I don't have room to store a pedestal and I don't want to spend $40 to $70 for a cake plate. The Guild Shop had exactly what I have been looking for...a cake plate with little feet and the price was right, $9.

This was a very good Saturday morning.


Jonna said...

Oh, that looks good! I got to sleep in today so I'm reading this on an empty stomach and now I'm starving!

You have opened my eyes to Houston in a wonderful way. We've always just driven on through and hoped to get out the other side or sat around in the airport waiting for a flight. I've never spent any time there, now I want to.

glorv1 said...

What a nice morning. The orejitas sound great. My dad used to made them and maranitos too. If that's how it's spelled. The breakfast looked great. Billie, I hope your husband is doing well and you too. Have a great weekend and thanks for letting me tag a long on your fun morning. Take care.

Babs said...

Aaah, I traveled with you..........down memory lane. Love the Guild Shop!

Chrissy y Keith said...

SOunds like a delightful morning.
Kitty- Corner is also a Pacific North West term as well.

Calypso said...

As always you two are having fun - we hope Senor Ned is doing OK - You two are in our prayers.

1st Mate said...

So envious of the farmers' market and the resale shop. Great deal on the cake plate, looking forward to a cake photo now. Hope Ned is doing better and you'll get to go home soon.