Friday, July 31, 2009

A Summer Bouquet

A summer time bouquet....Isn't it a happy bouquet with all the bright colors? Well, we are feeling pretty happy as well. Ned is half way through the chemo treatments and one-third of the way through the radiation. He is feeling good.

We are still on the move. Last night we had dinner with Joe who is in from San Miguel, Guy and Debbie, long time friends who visit SMA often and Son #2. The dinner at Antica Osteria was absolutely delicious and the conversation was good. This weekend we'll head to Austin to hear Maxwell's rock band concert. Although we are missing San Miguel friends a lot, the calendar just keeps getting filled up with fun stuff.


DanaJ said...

that Menu from Antica Osteria is like a dream. So complete, but with focus. and what an intimate dining room...i'd love to sit at that bar with wine and antipasta.

Happy trails to you.


Billie said...

Dana, sometimes we do that. Just slip in and get a salad (The crab salad when they have it) and a glass of wine. Nice evening meal if you had a Mexican comida.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

Your blog is amazing during this time. I am guessing it reflects two amazing people.

Glad to hear things going well.

Billie said...

American Mommy, thank you. We aren't amazing but we are blessed with wonderful family and friends.

Islagringo said...

So glad to hear that Ned is feeling better and doing well. As always, our thoughts are with the both of you.

Grant said...

Those are perfect summer time bouquet... Mix flowers are my first choice!!