Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My New Toy/Tool

Yesterday Susan asked:

Please divulge the brand and model of your new camera. If you've blogged about it already, forgive this newbie. I haven't had time to go through the archives to see if you've mentioned it somewhere. I'm in the market for a new camera, and I want a really good one this time.

I do have a new camera and about six weeks ago I wrote about how I justified buying it. The camera is the Canon 5D Mark II. I'm a happy camper with my new toy (shhh....I tell Ned it is a tool that I really need for my work). Here are the main reasons why I'm so happy with the camera:

First of all it is a full frame camera which means that a 50 mm lens on the camera is 50 mm rather than a 75mm lens.

The camera will shoot 21 mega pixel files. Not everyone needs 21 mega pixels but if you need to make large prints, this camera will do it without upsizing the file. I think that most of the time more mega pixels also mean more fine detail.

I have found the color palette to be more neutral....bright colors, yes.....but without as much color biases as other digital cameras I've had.

The light meter in the camera seems to have been made for a digital camera. What I mean by that is that it protects the highlights from getting blown out. With my previous camera I was always underexposing to keep that from happening. I think this also gives at least one more stop dynamic range in the digital file.

My favorite feature of all though is the ability to shoot at higher ISO's and still get a very, very usable file, a file without or with very little noise. Now I don't hesitate to crank the camera up to 1600 ISO or even 3200 ISO if I have to because I know that I'll be able to work with the file. I like to be able to shoot in low light and most of the time in low light without a tripod.

I'm not suggesting that anyone, including Susan, go buy this camera. It might be overkill for what you want to do with photography. You might get a lot of the same features in the Canon DSLR EOS Rebel T1i or in a similar Nikon camera for a lot less money. Or you might be very happy with a point and shoot like the Canon Powershot G10.

All I know is that for me this Canon 5D2 (I had to shorten the name) is just perfect.


glorv1 said...

An absolutely beautiful photo. You outdid yourself. I love it!

Cynthia said...

I couldn't wait to come here this morning to see what you had to offer today. I was inside the loop yesterday doing wedding stuff for my oldest and trying to see Houston, rather than just driving by and ignoring it. You've encouraged me to pay attention.

I think you need a major museum exhibit; or you need to do a book.. so you can share you talent with the masses.

You are an incredible photographer and I enjoy all your photos of Mexico and beyond, but there is something about your Houston work that is very, very special, that stands out to me. I would say it is because I am a Houstonian, but that can't be it, because I only see these amazing views through your lens.

Billie said...

Cynthia, you made my day. Thank you.

Calypso said...

Wow great shot Amiga - I would LOVE to have such a tool - not in this lifetime for moi - but I can enjoy yours vicariously ;-) Gracias

dsr said...

Loving these night pictures Billie!

Billie said...

Thanks. I'm looking for more night shots but they are hard to find. So many places are just chain stores in manicured strip centers. Just isn't as interesting.

Susan said...

Billie, oh yes, your camera would most definitely be overkill for an amateur like me. But thanks for the information anyway. The last decent camera I bought (from Camera Co-op) was a Nikon F90x (N90s in the US). I LOVE the results I’ve gotten with this camera, but with the exception of a Photography class, I haven’t used it in over two years. Plus, I seriously don’t see myself shooting film anymore - my darkroom days are beyond over. I’m finally getting serious about purchasing my first digital SLR, though. My practical side is obviously inclined to go with another Nikon, so I can use my lenses again. Truth be told, I never found my Nikon to be user friendly. I’m always fumbling around which has caused me to miss too many good shots over the years. It’s funny that you mentioned the T1i, because that’s what I’ve been leaning toward. Initially, I was planning on the Xsi, but I think I’ll be sorry later if I don’t go with the T1i. I know I’ll blog about it when I finally make the purchase. But in the meantime, I’ll just continue enjoying your beautiful photos!