Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mall Report

From the mall walk today:

Here it is still in the triple digit temperatures and the Fall clothing is starting to show up on the racks. Dusty eggplant, smokey indigo blue, long sleeves and jackets. I'm still in the white, lime and yellow mood. And let me tell you there is no let up in PRINTS, big prints in purple, beige and black, or red, black and white. Michelle Obama is a big woman and she can wear some of them but I think they are a fashion mistake for shorter people. And I've noticed that even Michelle has cut back on the prints. Maybe she has seen what the camera does to them. I know the print thing is a kind of retro look but I didn't like them the first time around.

I passed three Tibetan monks in their golden colored robes and sandals. They were looking at diamonds at a jewelry store. I kind of smiled but walked on. Then when I made the turn and headed back, I passed them again. This time they had wallets in their hands and were using credit cards at an ATM machine. Now I laughed out loud.

I passed Victoria's Secret and two men were sitting on a bench outside. When I came back around there were three women with assorted children with the men. The women were wearing the head scarves and robes of the Middle East and in their hands were bulging shopping bags labeled...., yeah, you guessed it, Victoria's Secret. Ya never know what is going on under those robes.

One restaurant was closed and a sign was posted by the Simon Management Group who owns the mall. It said the restaurant was closed for failure to pay $27,000 in rent.

The mall was busy with lots of mall walkers. It looked like a lot of them were families on vacation checking out another wonder of Houston the upscale Galleria Mall. Other than the Middle Eastern groups, I didn't see many shopping bags.

I got in a good mall walk.


Jonna said...

I'm with you on the retro styles coming back. I didn't like the 50's then and I still think the clothes are tacky and the furniture uncomfortable. I think it is one of the curses of age, the young think it is hip and retro and we just think it still looks awful.

Calypso said...

Victoria's Secret. Ya never know what is going on under those robes.

Yikes - I am not sure I will ever look at those women in those robes the same ;-)

Do you suppose that rent fee was a month or two or?

Paul said...

Wow! You talk about some golden photo opportunities! Monks looking at jewelry, using ATM machines; Middle Eastern women with Victoria Secrets bags! Killer shots! It makes me wish that I had been there, but then again, I don't like Houston! :-)

Billie said...

Jonna, Glad I'm not the only one who didn't like those prints.

Calypso, I don't know how many months. The restaurant isn't very big but it is definitely a high-rent district.

Paul, Recently I've noticed that at every entrance to the mall there is a sign that says no photography. Of course I've snapped a number of images from the hip at other times but when I'm doing my mall walking I don't like to carry a camera with me. I thought the same as you, these were "decisive moments."

DanaJ said...

I used to hate Houston, now I finally found its charm. The weather is perfect 8 months of the year. Get out of the Kitchen when you can't stand it those other 4 months.
Burka witha Victoria's Secret kind of photo. In Black and white, no color.

pitchertaker said...

A friend of mine who is six feet tall, blond, thin came over to ask for help in setting up her new G10 -- as she got out of her car, I couldn't help but notice her strapless print dress -- black and white and lime green sorta' swirled on a thin flowing fabric. She can wear those bold prints. She was truly a vision of lovely ness. Damn, she is a good looking woman. On top of all that, she talks with a Russian accent -- she Russian.