Saturday, April 25, 2009

Up, Up and Away

Here is the reason I was out early, early--A hot-air balloon out in the campo by the school in Los Ricos de Abajo where some of us helped with teaching English to the children again this year. The balloon was provided by The Oz Project, a non-profit organization founded by Dianna Aston that gives disadvantaged children, and young adults, experiences that ignite the imagination and inspire dreams. I think it is hard to imagine what this event meant to these children who live in very humble circumstances out in the campo. The balloon was tethered and didn't go drifting away with them but for the first time in their lives they saw the world from a different perspective. I hope that the balloon ride did inspire them to dream dreams that can take them to new heights.


Joanna said...

What an amazing experience this must have been for those kids.

glorv1 said...

How exciting for them and what a learning experience. I would have been on that floor praying they would let me down. I am afraid of heights. I tend to slowly go down, down, down or so it seem that way when I am forced to walk over a bridge with cars underneath. I feel as if I will fall. It is still very scary for me even though I tried beating it on my own. I could not cross that bridge on foot. Great photos and these kids don't need a photo to retain this wonderful memory. Thx for sharing.

Steve Cotton said...

Noble idea. And good advice to everyone: try to see life from a new perspective.