Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Printing Miracle

I don't know if this is divine intervention or an extraordinary event, but it is wonderful. For almost four years that I have had my Epson 4000 Printer, I have had repetitious nozzle clogs. I've written about the hassle before. Over time I kind of figured out how to get the beast working again but it was time consuming and used a lot of ink. It generally took about 16 cleanings to get everything working.

While I was setting up the new computer, I went directly to Epson to download the latest print driver for a 64 bit computer. It downloaded without a hitch. I knew that I had some clogged nozzles when I downloaded the software so to test it out I ran a nozzle check. Right....clogs of course since we are into the driest time of the year. So I ran a nozzle clean. I was shocked. Every nozzle was working again. It didn't take 16 cycles of cleanings to get everything operational. Since then I've had several occasions to check out the new software and every time it has only taken one cleaning cycle.

I hope that writing about it doesn't spook the new software. It might not seem important to you but to me it is truly a printing miracle.


Isla Deb said...

I used to have an Epson and had the same problems with it. Finally, I gave up and got an HP which I really like. I wish I had known about the downloads for the Epson, was a good printer when it was working.

Cynthia said...

I've reloaded my Blackberry software today and didn't correct my problem. I uninstalled and reinstalled my AOL and still having problems. So happy to hear a success story.


Ken McSwain said...

I have been a computer user for many years with several brands of printers. The most trouble free one has been one I've had for 3 years, a Canon MP780, with never a hint of trouble. That model is no longer made, but PC Magazines consistently give Canon the hightest marks of all printers. You might take that into consideration when its time for a new one...but check the current ratings to make sure nothing has changed. I like to compare at www.pcworld,, and

We are headed your way in mid-April 2009 to see your fair city. My wife is from South Texas, I'm from Arkansas, and our daughter lives and works in NYC. We are retired, fit, and healthy, the daughter is just fit and healthy.

Thanks for your blog....