Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Kids on the Block

Actually, it is new houses on the block, not kids, but I liked the way kids sounded in the title and since it is billieblog I guess I can do what I want to do.

Our street is changing. When we moved in there was only one other gringo house at the other end of the street but now there are four more between our house and the end of the street. I hate to see the street get gringo-ized but trust me this is a big improvement over what was here. The house on the left that is finished was basically a partially bricked space with tarps over most of it. Now it is a small house that looks neat and tidy. The house on the right was a house but not nearly as finished as it is beginning to look. It was a two story house and now it looks like it will have a nice terrace on top.

On one hand, I like seeing the street get spiffed-up but on the other hand it means more gringos in the neighborhood. One of the reasons we moved into Colonia San Antonio was because we wanted to live in a Mexican neighborhood. That is what we still live in a Mexican neighborhood. I don't think the neighborhood will swing too far in the gringo direction because so many of the homes are owned by Mexican families and I mean Families with a capital F. There are multiple owners and various parts of the family living in the house. It could be quite difficult to get everyone to agree to selling the house.

At any rate, I'm hoping that more gringos don't buy here on our street and remodel. Mmmm....I'm beginning to sound like some of the other ex-pats who want to close the door and not let anymore gringos in. Keep San Miguel just the way it is.


glorv1 said...

Really? I would think that you would want that. I think I can understand though. People here complain about border crossings. it actually is a touchy subject so I will stay mum and say I hope you enjoy your weekend.

Steve Cotton said...

Billie -- I fully understand. If we wanted to live in Scottsdale, we wouldn't have moved to Mexico. But being one of the newbies-in-labor, I can only ask for the forbearance of those who have gone before. We are looking for the same thing you found.

Billie said...

Gloria, If the gringos keep moving into MY neighborhood, I could one day end up living in a gringo neighborhood...not the reason we came here.

Steve, I know, I know I'm being selfish. Come on down. And I do hope you find your paradise.

Miguelito said...

One might make a valid case that wanting to live in a Mexican neighborhood and moving to San Miguel is a contradiction. Pick one or the other.

I can tell you from years of first-hand experience that living in a real Mexican neighborhood is over-rated.

Most Mexicans, knowing this, would hightail it to a gated community in a heartbeat if they could afford it.

Michele in Playa said...

Having lived in both an upscale Gringo gated community and now an upscale Mexican community, hands down, I choose to live with Mexican my neighbors. They don't complain about our dogs, chickens, children... ;)

Miguelito said...

Most gated communities in Mexico are inhabited by Mexicans.