Saturday, January 03, 2009

Still Trying to Understand What I Don't Understand

In my last entry I wrote about a procession on my street on New Year's Eve. Alfredo commented:

Billie, tell Ned I know what is all this about. It is the procession of the relics of San Antonio de Padua to the Provincia de San Pedro y San Pablo de Michoacán. Yes!!! The originals from Padova, Italia. The franciscan friars brought them to México. They won't be in San Miguel for long. It came from Querétaro and will be in the templo de San Anotonio de Padua until january dthe 2nd. Then, it will continue to Juventino Rosas, Irapuato, Celaya, Irapuato, Silao, León, Salvatierra, Acámbaro, etc. Enjoy it's visit, if I was there, will certainly go. Of course, I am catholic. God and San Antonio bless San Miguel and all sanmiguelenses, includying animals and pets.

Sounded like a good explanation of what was happening but I wanted to know more and of course I wanted to check out the relics before they left my neighborhood church. Now I'm not sure whether the procession on my street was connected to San Antonio de Padua or not but Alfredo was right that big things were happening in San Miguel and in my neighborhood church.

Yesterday, the relics were carried from the San Francisco church through town and stopped at several of the churches. I didn't go into town for the procession but waited in my neighborhood for it to arrive in Colonia San Antonio. To read about the procession's march through the Centro before it reached our Colonia go to the Living in San Miguel blog and you'll find the story and great pictures as well.

After the stop at the San Antonio church the procession continued on to the Sports Stadium where at 6:00 PM there was to be a special mass. The next stop for the relics is Juventino Rosas.

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Alfredo said...

I knew it was the San Antonio de Padua relics for I saw that they were in Querétaro and traveling throughout central Mexico. When you posted on it and I saw the procesion. I knew what it was for I saw it in Padova, Italia years ago. It is impressive and since we love San Antonio, I kind of sense that was what it was after all, you live in the San Antonio Colonia. By the way, if you loose something, just ask San Antonio and he will guide you to find your lost item. Also for unmarried people, he will find you a husband or a wife. Ugly or pretty but he will, lol.