Sunday, January 11, 2009

Good Genes

This is Kackie our 88 year old Aunt. She is the family glue. She keeps up with everyone and has always been the one who arranges the family gatherings such as the family Christmas party, wedding and baby showers. She is busy with her church, has tons of friends and does water aerobics. Recently she wasn't feel well and she called her doctor and he told her to go to the emergency room. When she got to the emergency room the ER doctor was asking her some questions.

Doc: Mrs S what medicines are you taking?
Kackie: Oh my doctor has me taking Evista for my bones.
Doc: What other medicines are you taking?
Kackie: None
Doc: No other medicines? Not even any over the counter medications.
Kackie: No, I don't take anything else. Well sometimes an aspirin.
Doc: When was the last time you were in the hospital?
Kackie: Oh, let me see. My daughter is 65 so I guess it was 65 years ago.
Doc: You haven't been in the hospital in 65 years?
Kackie: Well, I had cataract surgery and a colonoscopy but I was just there for a few hours. I didn't stay overnight or anything.

This time she was admitted to the hospital for a few days. Some things have slowed down but not Kackie's great joy in life and certainly not her memory. Oh, that we all could see the world through her joyful spirit and have her genes.


Calypso said...

When it comes to medical intervention my motto is "Less is more."

Haven't been to a doctor in 42 years and counting - maybe I will die tomorrow? It has been fun so far.

Babs said...

Probably WHY she is healthy and sharp is because she doesn't take meds.
I was totally shocked at all the stuff the docs gave me when I left the hospital - sleeping pills (Ambien), pain pills (Vicadone) etc.etc. Those first two are so strong I couldn't imagine and didn't take them......Yes, I took the stuff for the infection and the congestion.......
SO glad your aunt is doing well!

Glenda Robinson said...


My own mother is really sharp at 88, and when I was talking with my Spanish teacher about her, she told me the Spanish equivalent of saying someone has good genes.

It is to say that someone is "hecho/a de buena madera", or made of good wood.

I love this expression.

Glenda Robinson

Anonymous said...

bless her heart-she sounds like a real joyous person! wish we were all blessed with those kinds of genes.


Alfredo said...

God bless her

Howard Grill said...

Ha....great interview...I love it when I am surprised by patients like your Aunt. I hope she is out of the hospital and doing well!

Billie said...

I too like the expression made of good wood.

Howard, her room was by the elevator and her daughter was afraid she would leave before she was released because she kept saying that she felt fine and needed to go home. But she is home now and coming to a family wedding in a few days. She will be the life of the party.

Michael Dickson said...

Family glue. That´s great.