Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tis the Season

Last night I looked out the kitchen window and saw a crowd gathered down the street. My first thought was that some of the young men were down there drinking and we might have a tequila induced fight going on. But then I saw a flash of blue jumping around in the air. No fight! It is Christmas time. It is Pinatas. I shouted at Ned and grabbed my camera, changing the settings as I ran down the street. And sure enough, there in front of the Tovar's they were serving ponche, food and the kids were doing pinatas. We were welcomed and served a cup of ponche.

This may have been the first pinata for this little guy. He had been watching the other kids and then he just walked out of the crowd and wanted the stick. His "whacks" were more like pats but he was very pleased with himself.

It was a two pinata night and all of the kids had great fun taking their turns attacking the pinatas and then scrambling for the candy.

I love the way that "street parties" just happen. The pinata was strung across the street. A lot of cars just turned a round and went another way but when a car wanted through, everyone stepped back and let the car pass. No permits from the city, no problems. Live and let live.

Yes, it is the season, and it is just beginning. We'll have to be on alert to what is happening on our street between now and the 25th.


1st Mate said...

Yes, if you put it up, they will come. Looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

i love that philosophy of live and let live. i just commented on calypso's blog about how sad it is that in the states nativity scenes are banned in many public areas. it's great that in mexico they are everywhere, as well as impromptu pinata parties. enjoy the season billie.

teresa in snowy lake stevens, wa.

Islagringo said...

Last night was a special night that happens every year. I forget the name of it off the top of my head. I missed ours here, forgot all about it! Our main street downtown has one pinata per block and the street is packed with kids whacking away, collecting their goodies and running down the street to the next one. Put the 17th on your calendar because it will happen again next year.

Babs said...

How wonderful that you caught the action.