Sunday, November 30, 2008

Composer - The New Lensbaby

Lensbaby? What the heck is that? Well a bunch of the images you have seen of mine, like the one above, are made with a Lensbaby lens on my digital camera. I bought one of the original Lensbabies back in 2004. It is a lens on a squeezable rubber tube. It is kind of like having a view camera that lets you adjust the plane of focus so that either everything is in focus or you can throw some parts of it out of focus.

Since 2004 they have come out with three other Lensbabies. The most recent one is called the Composer and it looks like a big improvement. The original one was hard to squeeze and hold at the point you wanted it to be while you also tripped the shutter on the camera. But the composer is kind of like a trackball that will hold in place. Take a look at it here. The other thing about it is that it has interchangeable lenses including one that is a plastic lens......Hello Holga! This new Baby is in demand and mine has been on back order but I just received notice that it has shipped with a double glass lens and a plastic lens. It will be waiting for me in December when we go to Texas.

I distinctly remember where I made this image....across the street from the San Juan de Dios church. I've wanted to go back and photograph it again but it is like it has disappeared. I can't find a terracotta wall and blue window anywhere along this street. Maybe it was just a gift from the Photo Gods on this January day in 2006.


Steve Cotton said...

What a cool tool! We look forward to the photographs it will produce.

1st Mate said...

Looks like somebody actually got busy since 2006 and painted and repaired that window, to the point that it's unrecognizable. Unusual for Mexico.