Thursday, October 23, 2008

1556 Godwin Street

This apartment building looks a little run down now.....actually it is a lot run down but back at the end of 1956 this was a fairly new apartment building. Most of our friends who were getting married were moving into garage apartments and paying rent of about $50 a month. We kept looking and looking for a place to live. This two-bedroom apartment with hardwood floors and no air-conditioning was $70 a month but once we saw it, we rationalized that it was a good deal because it was close to the University of Houston where Ned was studying to be a Chemical Engineer and it was close to the bus line so I could easily get to work. We took the apartment. It was the one on the right hand side of the second floor.

I can't imagine how we managed to live Houston....without air-conditioning but we did for two years.


glorv1 said...

Memories, aren't they great. Once upon a time you and yours resided there and have many memories from that great b/w picture. Have a great weekend.

YayaOrchid said...

Love will do that to you. :)

couzin frank said...

Enjoy your blog! We all lived in this apt. at one time are another.