Thursday, September 04, 2008

Award Winning Blog

This blog has received an Award. The first one ever. It has been named the best Latin American Blog for Photography.

BEST PHOTOGRAPHY - Award goes to Billie in San Miguel de Allende. Her photographs are thought provoking and challenging without being sentimental or trite. I've loved being introduced to the Holga and have learned quite a lot about photography from her. Oh, as well as about Mexico, cooking, friendship, growing older, and much much more.

Yep, that is what Nancy wrote over on Countdown to Mexico blog. I've been reading Nancy's blog since she and Paul were just planning their move to Mexico. We even met them when they came to San Miguel while they were looking around for the 'right' place to settle in Mexico. Their final choice was Matzalan.

I never miss reading their blog. It is about their move, remodeling the house, the dogs, learning Spanish and it is just a fun take on encountering a new culture. While Nancy is making these awards in fun, I'm proud to be included with the other blogs that she highlights. Just go read the entry and take a look at the other award winners.

The photograph was made this week with a holga lens on the digital camera.


YayaOrchid said...

Congratulations on a well deserved award and recognition!! I too love your photography!

glorv1 said...

Its about time you received an award. Your photos are the best and like yaya says, a well deserved recognition.

Nancy said...

Billie, You always, always make for wonderful readying and of course your photographs are amazing.

Ever since we visited you I have wondered if you have your images available for sale. I seem to remember something about that. If that's true, maybe do a post on the topic so those of us who would like your work on our walls could know the particulars.

I wish I had a real trophy to send you!


pitchertaker said...

Your blog has always been numero uno with me.



Deb Hall ~ Zocalo Folk Art said...

When I first read about your award in Nancy's blog, I was thrilled and not surprised. Your blog and photos are #1. Felicidades.

islagringo said...

Congratulations! Even if Nancy did them for fun, you deserved to win this one! I, too, have learned much from you and would like to publicly thank you right here.

Billie said...

Thanks everyone. I know it isn't a MAJOR AWARD like in the Christmas Story movie, but it means so much to me that Nancy gave me that recognition. A special thanks to you, Nancy.