Sunday, August 03, 2008

No pictures

I didn't use a camera yesterday so all I can give you are words.

First we noticed the odor. Very familiar odor. It was Taylor and his ears. Infections and fungus are ongoing problems with Taylor and his long, silky, floppy cocker spaniel ears. We had been so pleased that last month after the Vet had done a culture, we had cleared up the problems but here he was again....something was stinky wrong. So off we go to the Vet. It means we have to get the car out because Taylor isn't much of a walker and I don't think he'd make it up the hill. Most of the time he is too lazy to climb into the car. He puts his paws up and waits to be lifted onto the seat. But when we took him out to walk from the parking lot to the Vet's office, he did his prancy show-dog walk. Did you know that Taylor is from Championship stock? Well he is and sometimes he can really make all the show-dog moves. He is a pretty good patient. He lets the Vet examine him although he does cry a little....not because he is hurting but because he wants to get off the exam table and sit on my feet. Dogs know when you are sitting on your person's feet you are very safe. After the Vet examined him and said that this time the problem was mostly external we were relieved we had taken him on in before it had gotten worse. The Vet and I talked and we are thinking that getting water in his ears while he is being bathed may be the main trigger to this on going problem.

After comida, clippety-clop clippety-clop up our street. A charro on his horse came up the street. The horse was decorated with flowers. A little later, another clippety-clop. This time it was a open carriage being pulled by another horse decorated with flowers. Seated in the carriage was a beautifully coiffed young woman dressed in a purple evening gown and beside her was her escort in a suit. A Quinceanera? Part of a wedding party? I love to speculate about the Mexican lifes we see on our street.

Friends came by to visit for a while and then go with us to a photography exhibition. The sala doors were open to the patio and we could see the fountain bubbling away and see and hear the birds. The weather was cool. The breeze gentle. I thought it wasn't possible to live without air-conditioning but it is in San Miguel. We chatted until time to go to the Exhibition.

The exhibition was in the Bacco Restaurante. We viewed the images and then stood in the patio sipping wine, nibbling tiny slices of pizza and talking with friends. Again, I have to say that the weather was wonderfully cool. No one was melting down with sweat like we would have been in a patio in Houston at this time of the year.

At the end of the wine and pizza, just before twilight, we walked up Canal and across the Jardin crowded with Mexican families. Up Solano, to The Restaurant that I've written about before. We wanted to try the bar menu. So we headed to the back, sat down at the bar and ordered two wonderful glasses of Chilean wines, mine a Chardonnay and Ned's a Malbec. We leisurely surveyed the menu and decided that we'd order just one item at a time to share. First was a spring roll....the same one that was on Ned's entree the last time we had been at The Restaurant. It was wonderful with an amazingly fresh sauce loaded with ginger. Another look at the menu and this time we ordered sauteed shrimp in a lemony butter with roasted pear tomatoes. Again wonderful. While we talked and nibbled and sipped the sky was slipping into evening. The lights in the restaurant glowed warm and the candles twinkled. Another look at the menu. Now we faced decision time....another appetizer or a dessert. We decided on a dessert of a chocolate mousse. Good creamy, so dark chocolate.

No photographs....only words. Can you see my yesterday?


Anonymous said...


I've never commented on your blog before, but I've been lurking a long time, and am always pleased to find you've updated. I just must tell you how much I enjoy your narrative and photos. Both of them are wonderful.

Warmest regards,

Jan in Oregon

Jonna said...

Yes! I can! and I see it in my mind as a series of your photographs. Each scene carrying small details with the light a certain way. Your art shows through in your words as well as your pictures. Great images!

Billie said...

Jan, so glad you spoke up and thanks for reading the blog. Jonna, Also thanks. I'm going to try to improve my descriptive narrative writing. Maybe just sit and write and see how much I can capture with words. I'm hoping that during the next couple of weeks while we are traveling, I'll have some "sit still and write" time but that may compete with the "photo time."

Heather said...

Sounds like an excellent day. I can picture it very well. One of these days I should see if I can explain a day that well. Very descriptive.

islagringo said...

What a beautiful ending to an interesting day. Thanks for sharing.

Nancy said...

Beautiful, Billie. I do feel as if I was a fly on the wall. I do envy you the wonderful restaurants in San Miguel.

Where are you traveling to? Back north or around Mexico?