Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Rainy Season

It is the rainy season but this past week has been a strange "rainy season." We haven't seen much sun in a week. The sky looks cloudy and overcast. The breeze is almost a wind and it is cool. At any time during the day you might feel a mist in the air. We have had rains that lasted all night and continued to drizzle into the morning. Usually this time of year we have sunny days and then watch spectacular clouds build up and roll in over the mountains in the afternoon and then we get a rain. But the weather clears and we have sun again. I don't know what weather pattern has stalled over San Miguel but I'm sure the farmers feel it is time for it to move on so they can get into their fields.

This is chard from my terrace garden. It is growing fast and looking beautiful as is the lettuce. The beans and squash also seem happy but I think we are going to need some sun if I'm going to get any beans or squash.


Steve Cotton said...

You are probably getting the remnants of the storm that passed over Melaque early Monday.

Babs said...

Beautiful photograph! Yup everything is GROWING - the presa is overflowing and I agree IT IS weird weather. I read a blog from Yelapa where they have had 17 1/2 inches of rain in a week! This feels to me like those tropical disturbances that used to hang over Houston for days and/or weeks on end. For some reason, I remember the summer of 68 when we moved to Houston with 3 little ones, 3, 5 and 7, and it rained for 21 days straight.......NEVER will forget that!

Billie said...

Steve, we may have that storm but we have had this weather since last Wednesday or Thursday.

Babs, thanks. Yes, it does feel like the tropical disturbances we use to have in Houston. Because it is so chilly, Ned thinks it is like February weather in Houston. Whatever....it isn't the usual.

Charles Hall said...

It feels like I'm back in the Northwest! Except there in the rainy season the daylight hours were closer to 8:30 to 4:30 in the middle of winter.

I'll take the six or seven weeks a year of not great weather that we have here in SMA over the Northwest or the Texas heat any day!

John W said...

For me at least, the rainy season is my favorite time of year. The week of gray skies has brought us so much greening of the countryside, and September's wildflowers are sure to be spectacular.

Billie said...

Charles, you are right....most of our weather is great.

John, I'm starting work on some landscapes with the Holga and I'm ready to get out in the countryside and see how the rain has changed the landscape.