Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No Internet

Last night the internet connection went down and we just got reconnected about 3:30 PM. This isn't unusual here because if the internet goes down when the offices are closed there will be no repair until people come back into the office whether that is after comida or the next morning or after the weekend. Seems very strange to me as I worked for a cable company in the States and 24/7 repair service was expected.

I feel so disconnected with my world when we don't have the internet but we did get a lot of things done today. We ran a lot of errands and went to the Tuesday Market. We stopped by the Cable company to find out what the problem was with the internet because their phone wasn't working either. They said it had just come back on. This was about 9:30 AM. It still wasn't working when we returned home at 12 noon. And their phones still weren't working either so we couldn't call. Ned drove back to the cable company to report that even if they had repaired the problem our cable wasn't working. They told him some things to try. That didn't work either so he drove back and they said they would send someone out this afternoon. We haven't seen a repairman yet, but the internet magically came on again.

The internet being out wasn't all bad. It gave me time to scan a couple of negatives from 2000 from a series I did of gardens. I worked on the images and made prints. This is called the potting shed and yes, it is a holga image.


jennifer rose said...

I share your pain, but now that your Internet's working again, see http://gawker.com/380877/south-park-the-day-the-internet-stood-still?autoplay=true

Steve Cotton said...

Billie -- Very nice photograph. I am not certain if I like the layers or the composition best. Perhaps both. Nice use of black and white.

Billie said...

Jennifer, funny video. But it's true. The world could stop if the internet goes down.

Steve, Thanks you.

pitchertaker said...

Pray tell, how did you treat this image differently from the first time you scanned it? Did the V700 make any difference? Or was it more experience with PS?