Thursday, July 31, 2008

Family Additions

We now have Taylor dog, goldfish AND birds. A friend gave us two parakeets a few weeks ago. We had been saying we were going to get a bird ever since the patio was finished a year ago. Sometimes we are a little slow. The one in the back has a bit darker blue feathers and the one in the front is just old enough to eat seeds. The one in the back is a male and we don't know yet whether the young one is male or female. They like to eat the leaves of the palm that is right beside their cage and sometimes the leaves get in the cage. They also like chard.

At times they can be a bit noisy with their chirping but I really like the little soft chirpy sounds they make sometimes. It is like they are just gossiping away to each other. At first there was only one swing in the cage and the older one took it over every night. We got another swing and now the baby has his own sleeping spot. I never see them on the swings during the day. Why do they like to sleep there?

Everyone asks if we have named them yet. No, we haven't. I haven't thought of any names that I like or that seem to fit. Do you have a suggestion?

I'm shooting this through the wires of the cage so, sorry that the image isn't as sharp as it should be.


Cee said...

Ahhh, they are adorable...if the baby turns out to be female here are some suggestions:
Frida y Diego

Pancho y Panchita

Romeo y Julieta

Pedro y Tita - From Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel

Don Quijote y Dulcinea

Thursten and Lovey

Sid & Nancy

Ricky & Lucy

Barney and Betty

Ok I've rambled enough!

glorv1 said...

They are beautiful parakeets. My husband used to raise them. They can be quite noisy at times. They look like a:
Cheech and Chong pair or
Laurel and Hardy or
Cantinflas and Cantinas (haha) or
Chorizo and Huevos (hehe) or
Chile y queso
Oh I am sure you will find some great names for them. Good luck with them, and a hello to Taylor, I love dogs.

Brenda said...

Pretty birds, hope you enjoy them.

Heather said...

We had a green male parakeet when I was growing up. We had him for 12 years, and my dad trained him to talk like he was a parrot. His name was Chipper. I miss him still and he passed when I was 16, which was 21 years ago....sniff. I can still hear him chirping away in the morning while I ate breakfast.

Anyway, yours are beautiful. I love some of the pair names that were suggested, especially Ricky and Lucy.

BTW on your other post. I don't think you're boring at all. I think you are one of the most interesting bloggers I've ever not met. That's the reason why even though I mostly read infertility blogs, when I came across yours I had to keep reading.

Billie said...

WOW, what great names. Still we may have to wait a bit and see which sex the baby bird turns out to be. Since we are in Mexico, I think I'd like a Mexican name and you gave me some great ones. Chrizo and Huevos....that cracks me up. I'll let you know when we name them.

And thanks Heather. I'm glad you read the blog. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. Good Luck on Monday.

Anonymous said...

How about some version of :

en alta mar, and mar abierto

maybe "alta" and "abierto" depending on their genders

...based on "blue"....


jennifer rose said...

Tristan und Isolde are the perfect paired names for a duo of birds.

Cynthia said...

Billie, they are beautiful.

Why did you chose parakeets instead of a rooster? A rooster would wake you up in the morning!

Billie said...

We already have roostersssss next door and they do a good job at crowing!

John W said...

Parakeets might be ideal companions. I know people who allow theirs to fly around the house (with all doors and windows closed) for exercise. They interact but don't require the attention parrots and cockatoos do.

Babs said...

How about Frick and Frack? Then their sex doesn't matter......just kidding!

1st Mate said...

If you start talking to the younger one right away you'll be amazed what a big vocabulary he (she?) will develop. I love the sounds they make, they are so cheerful. Yours are adorable, I always favored the blue ones.