Friday, June 27, 2008

Today the USDA Is Not Sure It Is the Tomatoes

The morning I asked the question: Is the USDA really sure that tomatoes are to blame for the outbreaks of salmonella. This afternoon the Houston Chronicle reports:

As salmonella cases continue to climb, the government is checking if tainted tomatoes really are to blame for the record outbreak — or if the problem is with another ingredient, or a warehouse that is contaminating newly harvested tomatoes.

Read the story here.


Steve Cotton said...

You are a veritable Roger Mudd -- film at 11.

1st Mate said...

This would happen when tomatoes are at their best, wouldn't it?!

Todd said...

Today the FDA announced that they have tested a jalapeƱo pepper, and it has the same strain of Salmonella that is causing the problems.