Sunday, March 02, 2008

Do You Like Green Eggs and Ham?

Do you like
green eggs and ham?

I do not like them
I do not like green eggs and ham.

Well then Dr. Seuss, if you do not like green eggs and ham, how about green chorizo and eggs?

I bet you were expecting a deep reddish color chorizo but in Mexico, especially around Toluca, Mexico, they make a green Chorizo. I've been told that the green color comes from cilantro but I haven't verified that. Nevertheless, it is green.

We like chorizo for breakfast, Chorizo con Huevos, but in Mexico chorizo is also used in tacos, burritos, tortas and in bowls of melted queso served with pipping hot tortillas for rolling your own tacos.

We have had Chorizo verde from Toluca that had almonds and raisins in it and it was delicious. I don't know where this chorizo was made. We found it at Mega but it didn't have almonds or raisins and it seemed just a little tart. Still with some tortillas, frijoles negros refritos and scrambled eggs, it made a mighty fine Sunday breakfast.


Jonna said...

I've never had the nerve to eat that green chorizo. I see it everywhere but, the color... it's just wrong!

Billie said...

Jonna, it is a pretty strange food color but it is good, especially with raisins and almonds in it. Be brave girl....give it a try.

Babs said...

Oh gosh, a memory just came tumbling in - when I designed the restaurant Cyclone Anaya's on Richmond I had never had Queso Fundido........but the first time I had it there, I was hooked. The BEST chorizo I have ever had....and, it was green! I still order it everywhere but seldom find it with green chorizo......

Billie said...

How Strange! I just found out that Dr. Seuss birthday was on March 2, 1904. I wrote this on is 104th birthday.

Mr Mojo Risin said...

Green Chorizo is made with tomitillos and chiles. GREEN TOMITILLOS