Monday, March 03, 2008

Art Fair

This weekend was another art fair at the Instituto. They happen every two or three months. Some of the same people come for all of them. The Oaxacan rug vendors, the man from VeraCruz who makes beautifully bound journals and books, the jewelry makers, and then there are a lot of locals who also set up booths. What caught my eye this time was the hats.

We are headed into the "Hat Season" or you could say the "Hot Season" and you need a hat in the fierce sun. All of my hats are looking ratty. Time for a new sombero. I didn't want any ordinary hat. I wanted color!

And there you have new hat! I think you'll be able to spot me in a crowd.


Cynthia said...

Great color!

wayne said...

I think the color is very sophisticated. Bright yet warm. Just don't let it keep you from seeing where you are walking!

Anonymous said...

I love hats. That is truly a fine choice Amiga. I think it will go well with your skin tone and certainly protect as well. Congrats!


pitchertaker said... eggs and ham, and now a green hat. Hope you are not planning on turning Ned green, also......hehehe

P'taker (from College Station, TX)

Billie said...

Thanks to all of you. I wore the hat yesterday and I must say it is very stylish although prone to taking off in a strong breeze. Fortunately it can be tied to the head.