Thursday, February 07, 2008

More 16th Century Mexican Churches

Most of the Catholic Churches built on Mayan religious sites that I have photographed have been in the Yucatan but these two are in the State of Quintana Roo. I've always like this church in Xocchel with its graceful palms.
The churches in the Yucatan and Quintana Roo were built as community centers to teach the Maya the way of the Church. They are different yet similar in simplicity. This church is in Yaxcaba and I had been inside photographing and now was exploring the wonderful afternoon shadows on the exterior. These two curious little boys were following me and watching me set up my camera and tripod. I have several shots of the exterior without them in it but I think I like this one best.


wayne said...

I'm so curious. How did you find all of these wonderful places and churches? Did you and Ned just start driving or did you have some sort of guidebook? We don't have any great trips planned for this year and I would like to just take some time and explore little towns around here.

On another vein, I bet most of the bloggers out there use some kind of point and shoot digital camera. Wouldn't it be great if some photographically knowledgable blogger offered to do a one week seminar on how to improve the quality of their blog photos? What do all of those things on my dial mean anyway!

Billie said...

Wayne, First of all we just started stopping at every little village we passed but eventually I found the book "Maya Missions, Exploring the Spanish Colonial Churches of Yucatan" by Richard and Rosalind Perry. Richard has a number of books where he explores the architectural interest of a State or area. I highly recommend Richard's books. If you google him you will find his website that is a treasure trove of information too.

Workshop leaders have to work too hard. But someone should do it! Hahaha

Borrego said...

I looooove those pictures in Black and White.
Come see some pictures, hopefully you will like them