Monday, February 04, 2008

Blog Roll

I wanted to highlight a couple of blogs I'm adding to the blog roll for South of the Border.

First is one I've been following for a couple of weeks, Big Sweet Tooth written by Misty Tosh. Misty has a very interesting background. So click on her profile to see what she had done. This January she started her drive pulling her camper into Mexico from Illinois. A few days later she was in San Miguel de Allende and now she is headed to the Yucatan. She is a fearless eater of street food. Her writing style is breezy and descriptive. And she is obviously embracing Mexico, the food and the people.

American's are plain old scaredy cats! Every single one who sees my tags from IL looks at me with a real puzzled face and is totally incredulous that I hauled all the way into the outlaw land that is Mexico all alone. I have to say I've felt much safer here than I ever did wandering through my own 'hood in the PM. For real.

Also she is putting up some great photos that are tilted and tumbled but they reflect Misty's way of seeing the world. I don't know what the rest of her journey will be through the country but I know that she has to come back to San Miguel to pick up her trailer so I'm hoping that I get to meet her, but I'll definitely be traveling with her via her blog.

The other blog that I'm adding to the blog roll is Zocalo de Mexican Folk Art. This is a brand new blog as of yesterday by my friend Deb Hall. Deb and Rick own Zocalo Folk Art-Mexico stores in San Miguel de Allende and Patzcuaro. Deb has been writing a column for the store's website for several years called Postcards from Mexico so I know that this blog is going to be well written and very interesting whether you are a folk art collector or not. Besides the folk art, she will make your mouth water as she describes the food they eat in the villages. Deb is also a photographer and you will be seeing some very unique photographs of the folk artists, their environment and their fiestas.

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