Sunday, January 20, 2008

Yucatan Yearnings

This is where we are suppose to be today..........well not actually in the cemetery.....but in the Yucatan. But that was before I broke my ankle. This is the cemetery in Hoctun about an hour outside of Merida and the image was made at the end of October, 1997. I think that this was the last time we were in the Yucatan. I've been wanting to go back and see the changes. Some of the Churches have been "restored." From everything I read Merida is still a beautiful, vibrant city with a growing gringo population. I wanted to trace down some of the haciendas that haven't been restored as well as visit some of those that have. I wanted to look for some of the people we met in the villages. This is a good time to be in Yucatan because while it is still hot, it isn't as hot as the summer. Oh, well....the ankle will heal and we will go another time.

By the way, this image is a color slide. I shot a bit of color slide film in the 1990's. While my flatbed scanner works great for medium format film, it doesn't do 35mm film nearly as well. Just not enough resolution of details. Just wonder what my files would look like if this had been shot with the Canon 5D. Well I'll find out when we are able to satisfy my Yucatan Yearnings.


Anonymous said...

Still hot?! Not at all, Billy...we're freezing here...highs in the 70's and low 80's, lows in the 60's!!! Brrrrrrrrr. We're walking around in shorts with long sleeved shirts and socks! See, we get winter here too...our version of winter, but we still think its cold! lol

LeAnn in Merida

Billie said...

LOL, yes I learned when we use to go every year to Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Merida right after the first of the year that some days you need something to cover your arms. I hope that you make it through the "Norther."

wayne said...

You know you best be letting me know when you head to the Yucatan! I would certainly travel the 4 itty bitty hours to Merida to meet you and Ned!

Billie said...

Wayne, when we go to Merida, we will also go to Playa Del Carmen and tour around. I want to see the changes in Cancun since we were last there over 10 years ago. I'm sure I'll be shocked. BTW, we have some friends renting for 3 months in Isla, so if we had been able to come we surely would have met up with them and you.

Anonymous said...

I imagine your files would look just the same if shot with the Canon 5D. I like that there is a fuzziness to this picture in the background. The main point of interest is the white monument, and it already has blurry ineligible words in it. I do like Uta Barths photos so that must be where I get the fuzziness factor. This is a great shot and you do not need to do anything more to it.