Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Building a "Dream" House

This is the lot that we bought in Eastwood in Houston back when we sold our house to move full-time to San Miguel de Allende. Sometimes when I can't sleep I start to think about the house we might build on it someday.....if we ever go back to Houston. I'm not an interior designer or architect or anything like that but I still like to think about how all the pieces could fit together.

Now since I've been "disabled" with the broken ankle and having to use crutches, I have a whole other set of design criteria I'm thinking about. While I've known about grab bars, wheel chair clearances and things like that, it always seemed like that was stuff that you did for "old people." I'm not admitting to being old but I sure can see that those design details can make life easier. It doesn't take many times of navigating stairs or 2 foot wide doors to a bathroom to realize just how difficult it is when you aren't doing it on your own two legs, and only your own two legs.

Before the broken ankle, I had already decided that if we did build on the lot I wanted to build a one story, two bedroom house but build it so that two more bedrooms and baths could easily be added in the attic. Probably even stub out the plumbing. I found this house plan today and while it isn't exactly what I'd want, it incorporates the idea. I tried to copy it to the blog but the site wouldn't let me, so if you want to see the kind of floorplan I'm talking about click here.

At the time Eastwood was built back in the 1930's it was a very nice neighborhood. Business managers and even bank presidents built homes and raised their families there. But over time many families moved to the suburbs and some of the properties became rental properties. Lower income families moved in. Now one house here and another there are being beautifully renovated and families in search of shorter commutes....just 15 minutes to downtown Houston....are moving back in. Today in the Houston Chronicle there was a story about the revitalization of Houston's East end.

While we do not have plans to go back to Houston anytime soon, I feel really good about having the lot and being able to daydream, or nightdream, about what we might build there, grab bars and all.

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