Friday, January 18, 2008

What Are You Doing to Stay Busy?

One of the sons called today and he asked, "What are you doing to stay busy?" That is a good question. I'd like to be doing more but I'm trying to just stay in the moment and do what I can do with the broken ankle. This afternoon I managed to pull out the three-ring Holga negative binder and scan a couple of strips of film that I shot on Revolution Day back in November. I never had time to do anything with them in November because I was printing for a show. Now I wanted a couple of scans to try something I learned about in Scott Kelby's 7-Point System book. I don't think they are keepers but they add some color to the blog.

Yesterday the nicest thing happened. I had a visitor from Blogsphere. A week or two ago Peter sent me an email telling me that he had been reading my blog for almost a year. He found it after being in San Miguel last January. And he let me know that he was coming back. I wrote and told him to give us a call. He did and he came to see me. He is returning to photography after being away for a while and I think you will enjoy seeing San Miguel through his eyes. Take a look here.


pitchertaker said...

While the vaquero seems happy enough to have his picture made, his horse doesn't. Those ears laid back is not a good sign.... just thought you'd like to know.
"Lady, get that camera out of my face or I'm go'na......" :-0


Billie said...

You know, I think that any animal has to stop and think about this black box on a human bipod moving in on them. Is it dangerous?