Saturday, January 19, 2008

An Apple a Day Keeps..........

Some of you probably finished the title with "The Doctor Away." Ned heard a new version of this today from our Bakery Lady.

He went to get us some pan dulces for breakfast and when Maria asked him how things were, he told her about my broken ankle. She told him that I need to eat, eat, eat lots of apples and then I won't need a cast.

An Apple a Day Keeps the Cast Away!

I've been searching Wikipedia for information about this Mexican Old Wives Tale. Can't find any thing about it. At first I thought that maybe I would find that apples have a good supply of calcium but one apple only supplies 1% of your calcium daily needs.

I like apples but I think I better keep my cast on for a while.


Ann said...

Billie, I catching up on the last 10 days or so. Nothing can speed up that mending, not even applesauce. Interesting story, tho'.
I signed on today specifically to get your oyster stew recipe. We are in Rockport, the oysters are wonderful, and I think it's time I tried this recipe. I was looking in the famous old River Road cookbookm which I've had since its 6th printing in 1963.Two recipes there, one calls for only 1 Tbs. flour; the other, no flour at all. Interesting. I will definitely report to you how it all turns out. I'd like to try my hand at a gumbo, too, if I have the courage.

I haven't seen the Scott Kelby book you referred to in the earlier blog. Sounds important for some things I need to do.

Heal well. Much empathy from me and from Craig for Ned. It does pass.

Billie said...

Ann, I've made the oyster stew without any flour but over time I've started making the roux. I like to feel like it has some body but not too much. As I said in the blog entry, I need to "test" these portions. It could be that 1 tablespoon per cup of liquid is too much. I didn't bring my River Road Cookbook to Mexico with me but it always has some good recipes in it.