Sunday, January 06, 2008

Guess Who!

Guess Who.....Someone who needs a pedicure AND someone who as of last night has a broken ankle. Yes, it is me! Here is the story.......

Ned wasn't feeling well so I left him on the couch watching TV while I went into town to see what was happening on Three Kings night. Just before I left, he said, "Be careful" and I felt a little chill up my spine but dismissed it. He always tells me to be careful and usually I give him the "look" with a roll of my eyes.

I walked into the centro and checked out all the churches, hung out to photograph some of the activities with the weddings that were going on, watched what was happening in the plaza and decided to head back home before Espinos closed at 8:00 PM so I could pick up a few groceries. Umaran was blocked off as it usually is on the weekends so I was walking down the street rather than on the sidewalks and just as I approached the corner of Jesus I was looking up rather than looking down at where I was walking and guess what.......there was a hole in the street and my left foot stepped on the side of the hole, my ankle turned and I went down fast. I felt a little pop on the outside of my ankle. I hit my right knee and the left side of my face. Almost immediately there were Mexicans around me ready to help. I took a minute to gather my wits and then got to my feet and thanked them. I could walk with a limp and there wasn't blood anywhere. I walked down Jesus to PilaSeca and got a cab to come home.

Poor Ned who wasn't feeling well was in the kitchen warming up some soup I had made for his dinner. Now my ankle trumped his fever. He had to be well. At first I thought that I would be okay and we'd see a doctor the next day but it quickly became apparent that the swelling and pain was getting worse. We decided to go to the new General Hospital.

We called a cab. After a bumpy ride up Salida de Queretaro we arrived at the hospital. The emergency waiting room was full but within about 10 minutes they took my pulse and blood pressure and in another 5 minutes I was seeing a doctor. He didn't think the ankle was broken but I was wheeled to x-ray and the x-rays showed a small break in the fibula (at least I think that is the name of the small long bone in the ankle). He put a cast on to immobilize the ankle and I'm to return on Monday to see the Orthopedist. He told me to not put any weight on the foot. At my age, I haven't done much practice at hopping on one foot so getting out of the cab and getting upstairs to bed last night was difficult to say the least. Today, I borrowed some crutches from a friend but I may take another fall trying to get around on them.

By the way, the General Hospital was clean and efficient. The x-ray machine worked, the technician seemed competent. The doctor was knowledgeable and most of the time spoke Spanish slow enough for us to understand what he was telling us. And the trip to the emergency room took less than 1-1/2 hours and cost about $30 USA.

I've told many friends that walking is dangerous here in San Miguel and if you haven't fallen that is good but don't get overconfident. It could still happen.


pitchertaker said...

I am relieved that it's no worse than it appears. But I have to know, is the camera OK?


Billie said...

I had the Canon G9 with me. It did take a hit too but it is working fine. I used it to make the "bandage" photo. A friend brought me some crutches. I'm in the Studio and plan to stay there today.

John W said...

Oh Billie! I'm so glad you're OK. Well, sorta OK, anyway. Falling in San Miguel is sooo easy to do.

Aren't we lucky to live in a community where people are ready to help, where medical care is accessible, efficient and affordable?

Anonymous said...

Yikes, Billie

What a bad end ing to what sounds like a good photo night. I hope you make a quick recovery.

zoner Gordon

Mimi said...

Glad your no worse off, and the camera survived as well.
So, difficult to train ourselves to stop walking when looking up, but so necessary, especially on cobblestone streets!
Hope you find at home projects to keep you occupied for a time.
Hugs, Mimi

Brenda said...

So sorry to hear about your accident. Hope it heals quickly. Take care.

Nancy said...

Sheesh! Billie! Don't scare me like that!

Falling on these crazy streets is one of my worries...I'm sorry that this happened to you - hopefully you'll heal quickly.

And of course that Ned feels better, too.

Nancy & Paul

Anonymous said...

Amiga - Please follow all the doc's orders and stay as much down as possible until you see them again.

You and Ned are in our prayers.

John & Anita

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better and get well fast! Maybe there is an upside - that you can get more done in the studio.

Bill O.

Anonymous said...

Amiga - So sorry to read of your injury. Please stay off that ankle and get well fast.

I like your tile by the way ;-)-poor foot :-(


Babs said...

Good grief!

wayne said...

Ouch! Were you wearing your typical spike high heels at the time? No, wait. That's the Mexican women!

Heal quickly and take all the pain killers they give you!

Anonymous said...

Hope you're better real soon! And, PLEASE keep writing!


Howard Grill said...

Billie....hope you get well soon....sorry to hear about your fall. I am impressed with the description of the care you received in the hospital, not to mention the price....