Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mezzaluna Restaurante in San Miguel

I'm almost afraid to write this post about Mezzaluna, a new restaurant that we tried last night because so many restaurants in San Miguel have a problem with consistency in service and food. But we had such a wonderful dinner that I'm going to tell about our experience anyway.

Mezzaluna is on Jesus between Umaran and Pila Seca/Quadrante (or whatever it is called at that corner) and it is just a few doors from the corner of Pila Seca. It is in a large courtyard that is covered at night or when it is cool and they have a gas heater or two scattered around in case it is cold. The tree in the center is strung with lights and the restaurant looks inviting. The staff welcomed us and was very attentive. About 8:00 PM we had some very nice music from a duo, not too loud....just nice dinner music. The restaurant is an expansion into San Miguel by owners who have three restaurants in Irapuato. One is also called Mezzaluna, another a sushi bar and the third....I can't remember. But the waiter told us that soon they were going to open a sushi bar in the front room of the restaurant.

Now the most important part....the food. If you have been reading this blog for a while you know that I complain about the restaurants in San Miguel and especially those that serve pasta. I'm not complaining about Mezzaluna. Two of us started off with a ensalada mixta that was crunchy and fresh with a nice tangy dressing and another of us started with a minestrone soup. He said that the soup was delicious and it must have been because he ate every drop. We all ordered a pasta dish.....two Alfredo Fettuccine and one Ravioli stuffed with spinach served with a four cheese sauce. All of the pastas were fresh pasta and the sauces were light but very flavourful.

The menu also has pizzas and some chicken and fish dishes. The next time I'm going to have a pasta with a tomato sauce to see what they do with tomato based sauces.

The prices were about 85 to 95 pesos for the pasta and 50-65 pesos for salads. I think that is a little pricey for San Miguel but on the other hand the other restaurants that serve pasta here have about the same prices and I don't like their pasta.

So if you try Messaluna Restaurante in San Miguel, let me know what you think. I hope that you have as good an experience as we did.


Anonymous said...

that restaurant sounds wonderful-we will definitely go there when we visit sma in april. we lived in sicily for 2 years while my husband was in the navy, so we are kind of spoiled when it comes to italian food-hard to find good restaurants even here.

i made the carrots on sat. and ate some yesterday. they were delicious! i'll have to try some of your other recipes.

have a great day and enjoy your warm weather. we live in ellensburg and had our first snow yesterday. took us by surprise. luckily it has melted off the streets but tonight it's going down to 17 so tomorrow it will be like a skating rink out there. can't wait to get to chacala.


Billie said...

Glad the carrots turned out okay for you. We must get together when you are here in April. I hope that Mezzaluna will still be open and turning out good pasta when you come but you never know from day to the next with restaurants in SMA.

Anonymous said...


it was nice hearing from you. would love to get together when we're in sm. maybe at mezzaluna-hope it will still be open. or at a coffee shop-i have a sweet tooth and love mexican pastries. actually, i love all pastries ;-)