Saturday, August 11, 2007

La Fogata

We had heard about La Fogata, or in English the bonfire, and a few times when we passed there late at night, there was always a crowd. It is kind of off our beaten path but last night we decided to check it out along with some other restaurants that are near the glorieta on Ancha de San Antonio. It is open until 4:00 AM and there is another room behind the first one. We were there early about 8:30 PM so we didn't get to enjoy the late night crowd. La Fogata is a taqueria and the tacos remind me so much of the tacos we use to get in the town, not the hotel zone. Although taquerias prepare other grilled meats, soups and queso fundidos, the reason that I love them are the tacos pastor. The trumpet is made up of individual slices of meat marinaded in achiote paste. It is cooked on a spit by the fire behind it. When the taco man gets an order, he grabs one of the hot tacos and with his knife makes a few quick slices so that the meat falls on the taco and then with a flourish he adds a sliver of the pineapple that is at the top of the spit. A sprinkle of onion and cilantro and the tacos are at your table. This is the real "fast food." And it is street food. Even if the tacos pastor are served in a restaurant the cooking always takes place at the street. The tacos are always accompanied by an array of sauces and of course slices of limes.

And guess what this delicious dinner cost? At La Fogato the tacos pastor were 5 pesos. Our dinner last night including drinks, 8 tacos, frijoles charros and tip was $8.25.


Anonymous said...

Billie, I'm so glad you enjoyed La Fogata! It's one of our favorites. The queso fundido is very good too! Maybe we'll see you there sometime. Deb

pitchertaker said...

Mmmmmmm....night eateries in SM. There's a project for you.


Paul said...

That sounds supreme and looks so yummy. That meat reminds me of Gyro meat. All of that for $8.25. Here, that would be a $50 meal. Sigh.