Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I have a new toy......a new lens. It is Canon's 50mm f1.4 lens. I shoot so much in low light I've been wanting a faster lens but I didn't want to spend big bucks to get it. I also wanted a small lens so that my camera had a lower profile and was lighter than the Canon 5D with my 24-105mm lens attached. Erica told me that if she had to choose only one of her lenses, she would take this lens. A good recommendation from a wedding photographer. And the price was right.

Debbie and Guy arrived yesterday with the lens safely packed in their suitcases. I got to try it out in the mercado this morning. Certainly seems sharp. Focuses well in low light. I think the 50mm is going to be a more comfortable focal length for a lot of things I like to shoot. Now I need to play with the narrow depth of field at f1.4 to see what it does. I just love new toys!


Tommy Williams said...

I've got the 50/1.8 Mk II (it's so cheap that it's hard to argue against getting it) but, on my 20D with its 1.6x crop factor, the 50 is one of my least-used lenses. However, I use my 35/2.0 all the time and it has a similar field of view to 50mm on the full-frame 5D.

So I suspect that you will love the 50 on your 5D.

Billie said...

Tommy, I have an old 50 1.8 too but I do not like the glass on it. And I think if I didn't have the 5D I would have gone for the 35/2.0. I carried the camera around all morning and it feels like the right size. I do hope that I love it.

pitchertaker said...

Nothing like a "new arrival" to make you walk the streets in search of fodder. Congrats.


John said...

Wise choice in a lens. I'm a Nikon user myself, but my everyday lens on my D200 is a 50 f1.4; nothing like it!

Am enjoying your blog!!