Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hurricane Dean

We've had some phone calls from friends in San Miguel and some who are in the USA right now but live in San Miguel. They wanted to know what we knew about Hurricane Dean and San Miguel. Those who are only watching CNN are really worried because they are hearing that San Miguel may get 20 inches of rain. But our in-house weatherman, Ned, is keeping a close eye on several hurricane computer models as well as several official weather sites. We are not watching CNN where they whip up 5 foot waves to 15 foot waves and have to tie down their weatherman to keep him from blowing away in a 40 mph wind.

We are about 250 miles from the eastern coast of Mexico and on the other side of a couple of mountain ranges. The storm is currently a Category 2 and just off the coast near Vera Cruz. It is expected to drop to a Category 1 in the mountains and by the time it moves further inland it will be a tropical depression. Our weatherman is telling us that the storm is going to pass North of San Miguel so we will be on the dry side of Dean. We are expecting 20 mph gusts of wind and 1-1/2 to 2 inches of rain tonight. To put that into perspective, we have had 3-1/2 inches of rain one night about a month ago.

This morning the sky has that pre-hurricane look that we know from living in Houston and we had some light drizzle/rain.

Our weatherman will keep a close eye on the storm and we'll post another report when there is something to report.

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