Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Archive #9 - Real de Catorce

In 1995 we went to Real de Catorce. It is an old mining town that you reach by going through a one-lane mining tunnel. I had heard that it was a strange place and it was. In some ways it was as if time has stood still. The village hangs on the side of the mountain and there are two churches. This one was up the hill from the main part of the village. The sun was in the right place and the sky was gorgeous. All the elements just kind of fell into place.

I wonder if Real de Catorce has become touristized (yes, I know that probably isn't a real word) or if we were to go back, would we feel like we were walking with the ghosts.


pitchertaker said...

I often go back to places I've visited in the past -- maily because I travel so much across the US it's hard not to cover the same ground at one time or another. This summer my route again took me through Rancho de Taos, and since I took the high road coming out of Santa to Taos, I wound-up within one block of the St. Francis de Assisi. Generally I find new pictures each time I see this grand structure -- sometimes serious, sometimes humorious. http://www.frankarmstrong.net/gallery/album32/20070625_9137_RanchoDeTaosGas
My point being: Why wouldn't you go and visit again?


Billie said...

Frank, I had an email telling me I should go back again. Now you are saying it too. Just might have to do that.