Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Quiet Days and Cool Nights

Parque Benito Juarez has always been a favorite place of mine in San Miguel. I keep going there to make photographs. I have several I really like from my garden series shot with a Holga camera and film but on this day I was in the Parque with a Holga Lens Cap on my digital camera. I like intersections with people coming in and out of the intersection and in and out of the image.

We have had some rain in the afternoons in the last 10 days and the weather has cooled off a bit in San Miguel. We are back to sleeping under the ceiling fan covered with a sheet and sometimes during the early morning hours I pull a cotton blanket up to block the chill. Mmmm....very nice.

Right now it is quiet in San Miguel but soon the hordes from the North will arrive looking to escape the heat. The traffic is down. Many of the benches in the Jardin in the Centro are empty. The sidewalk cafes have tables available. That will probably start to change in the next week or so. Then we may have to wait for tables at a restaurant, look for a place to sit in the Jardin and have the rumble of traffic all around us when we walk in the centro. However, if the numbers of people who are taking the House and Garden tour are any indication of the number of tourist in town this year , then tourism is down a little more than 15% from 2006. I like this quiet but the business people are looking forward to the tourist season.

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