Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

Ned made my breakfast this morning. Jimmy Dean sausage, egg, English muffin and coffee. Gary sent flowers yesterday. I'm sure I'll get a hug from Mike when he gets up and a call from Doug later this morning. It is nice to have a little attention from "my boys."

Long ago when they were really "boys" they would go off with their father on Saturday and bring me a corsage to wear to church on Sunday morning. Remember corsages? Does anyone still wear them? Anywhere? It was quite a trick to wear a corsage and burp a baby. And back in the old days, Ned didn't do much cooking but he was great at going to get glazed donuts for a special breakfast.

One Mother's Day we were going to Kemah to eat after church. We had Mike and baby Gary who was about three months old. We pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant and it was full and there was a line out of the door. I think that was the last time we ever tried to go out to eat on Mother' Day......actually any special day.

And I've been thinking about my Mom. She always looked so great in a shirt-waist dress. She made the most amazing boiled sugar icing for coconut and devil's food cakes. She could just throw together the flakiest pie crusts and she always baked some little pieces for me with a little sugar and cinnamon sprinkled on them. She made our clothes when we were young and some of them I still remember vividly......a tweed wool battle jacket with a pleated skirt, a peasant blouse with a deep ruffle of eyelet around the neck. Any number of dresses with gathered skirts and big sashes that tied in the back. The year she re-decorated mine and my sister's bedroom with a flower print of fushia and lime green. I thought it was very colorful and stylish. All the things she did for our wedding. Well the list could go on and on as I'm sure it can for you when you think of your Mother. Now my daughter-in-laws are doing the "job" and doing it very well.

I'm through with the hard work of keeping everyone in clean clothes, teeth brushed, food on the table. But the job isn't over. Until the day I die, I still have the worrying part of the job. Hey, that is what Mothers do.


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Brenda said...

So true. Nice to sit back and pull the memories out and look at them isn't it? I am lucky enough to still have my mother, so I called her and talked to her for about an hour this morning. Also got to talk with both my sons, mother in law and assorted other relatives so it has been a good day. We are going out for dinner, as you know it is not mothers day here so it shouldn't be too busy.

Nancy said...

Isn't it funny how they are still our "boys" no matter how old they are? I had nice long talks with both of mine yesterday, too.