Sunday, April 08, 2007

Palm Sunday in Uruapan

Outside the San Francisco Church in Uruapan palm fronds are quickly being turned into small works of art to be sold to the faithful. And everyone seemed to be buying a "palm" to carry with them through the day.
I was fascinated by the dress, especially the hats worn by the mujeres making these beautiful palm crafts. Everything from a baseball hat to a rebozo made into a headdress.

We did not see any Palm Sunday processions in Uruapan but you can see my earlier photographs of the two processions that are held in San Miguel de Allende.

One of the processions comes down San Francisco with Jesus riding a donkey. One year there was a problem. The donkey needed to come down about four steps from the sidewalk to the plaza in front of the Church but the donkey made up his mind he wasn't going down those steps with Jesus on his back. No way, no matter how the handler coaxed him. Finally Jesus got off the donkey and walked to the Church. The other procession comes from Parque Juarez on Sollano to the Parroquia.

Both of them are difficult to photograph. The first one on San Francisco you are photographing uphill and into the sun. The other one, the sun has moved higher but it is still difficult to meter because one half of the procession is in deep shade and the other in brilliant sun.

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