Saturday, April 07, 2007

Jueves Santo

Thursday afternoon we kept hearing the bells from the Parroquia ring out as if a procession had arrived. And it is likely that the saints were being brought to the Parroquia in preparation for the Good Friday procession. We waited until closer to dusk to head into town for Jueves Santo. Jueves Santo or Holy Thursday commemorates several important events of Holy Week, The Last Supper, the Washing of the feet of the 12 Disciples and The Arrest of Jesus. The seven main churches in San Miguel decorate side altars. It is one of the times that the La Santa Casa de Loreto chapel, which is inside the Oratorio church, is open. A couple of the Churches had beautiful music and the San Francisco was having a huge Mass. Everyone, including the 20,000 Mexican tourist who are expected to visit San Miguel de Allende during Holy Week, was walking from Church to Church. I could not believe how many people were in the Jardin as well as in and around every Church because we have visited the altars before but the crowds have really increased. At some of the churches there were lines waiting to get in especially at the Oratorio church. I decided to pass on seeing the Loreto chapel since I had seen it several times before. But in spite of the crowds, there was a hush as people waited outside. This wasn't a festival but a solemn religious celebration. Just when Ned and I were wondering how all of the visitors were going to find something to eat, we saw that things were under control in the Plazas around the Oratorio and Salud Churches. Vendors had set up their kitchens and they were ready. The food looked delicious but we went to one of our favorite restaurants near the Jardin, La Brasserie, for a quiet dinner. We walked home in a strange silence....the absence of Church bells.

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