Sunday, February 11, 2007

Tile Tale

Taaa Daaa........the kitchen, not quite finished, but we're getting there. The granite is in and the Gorky mural is up behind the stove. We still have cabinets to install that will go on either side of the stove and a corner shelf for the microwave and the painting and finishing the floors. In the dining room the cabinets have yet to go in and there will be granite on top of the counter on them too. Although we still can't put everything away, it is a functioning kitchen.

I'm really happy with the tile behind the stove. From the very beginning I thought that the granite I choose was very compatible with the colors in the Gorky pottery that I have and I love Gorky's palette of colors. But Gorky is a little pricey for his tile so I tried for months to find a replacement. One tile company repeatedly made samples of tiles for me but every time the colors just didn't turn out like we talked about. Finally in exasperation I gave up on trying to find a cheaper way to get the look and went to my original love, the Gorky tiles. We went to his shop in Guanajuato and in two hours we had designed the mural and three weeks later I had the tiles and it turned out just as I expected. You know, sometimes God just takes care of us and there was a good reason why the other tile maker couldn't get it right.

Gorky has a whole series called "Boda" or Wedding" plates. The design in the center of the platters and plates are a bride and groom hugging or kissing or something at the altar. Since it is our 50th wedding anniversary year, we decided to use the design from one of the platters in the center. The colors are just perfect with the granite. It brings a whimsical Mexican feeling into the kitchen. I love it! And it opens up some nice colors for the walls. Oh, one other thing that always surprises me is that although the concrete "hood" over the stove has to be repainted, the colors just go with the granite and the mural. When you choose colors that feel good to you, they all seem to work together.


Anonymous said...

SWEET! Ladies start your ovens - Billie is back ;-)

Congrats mi amiga.


Jonna said...

Beautiful Billie! The Gorky tiles are incredible as well as the mural. I just love his stuff since you posted a link and spent an hour drooling on his site.

I love the granite and the colors and shapes together with the tiles.

Also the cabinets, now I see how you used drawers and I like it a lot.

Those clerestory (sp>) windows are really nice and the ceiling I love.

I'm trying to post this really fast as I can see a thunderstorm moving towards us over the water. Thunder is booming, lightning flashing and I need to unplug everything pretty quickly.

Anyway, love it!


Brenda said...

Beautiful!! I am sure you will enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, it looks beautiful! I especially like the mural design and the fact that it ties in with your 50th wedding anniversary. Very sweet!

Billie said...

Thanks friends. We're pretty happy with the way it is turning out too. Jonna, I love Gorky's ceramics and I've been collecting his dishes since about 1986. I've never been interested in a "set." But the colors and designs are so compatible that I can mix a soup bowl of one design with the plate of another and it looks great. There are two other ceramist in Guanajuato that I like too. Their work is more in the Mayorca style than the Delores Hidalgo style. They are Capelo and Santa Rosa.

La Gringa said...

I'm so happy that you are finally getting some progress. It looks great!