Friday, February 09, 2007

Cooking again

I love to cook but haven't been able to since the first of October because of the kitchen remodel. After the stove was connected on Wednesday afternoon, I went rummaging through boxes to find something that I could cook. I found a jar of Classico sauce and some linguine. I had a couple of links of Italian sausage in the freezer of the refrigerator that has been on the portico during the remodel. Ned went to the tienda and picked up an onion. I sauteed a little onion with the Italian sausage, added the sauce, cooked the linguine. Ned bought us a Cesar salad at Juanita's Pizza just around the corner and picked us up a couple of bolillos at the bakery across from Juanita's. BAM....dinner at home.

Last night I did a little better because we stopped at the new Mega and bought some groceries on our way back from getting our tile mural from Gorky in Guanajuato. The menu was salad of red-tip lettuce with roasted beets, toasted pecans and ranchero cheese, pork chops smothered with onions and mushrooms, steamed broccoli and rice. I have to tell you that the salad and broccoli just hit the spot.

The new stove is wonderful. I think the oven is well insulated. I haven't had the opportunity to check the oven temperatures yet but I'm hoping that the thermostat will be fairly accurate. Although the new refrigerator isn't gigantic, it is so much bigger than what we had, so I'm pretty happy with it too.

Today the tile is being installed behind the stove. After that is in, I'll make some pictures and put them up so that everyone who has been asking to see the NEW kitchen can see what it looks like at this point. So far, so good.


Brenda said...

Sounds good. I'm sure that you are glad to be back in the kitchen after all this time. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

There is NOTHING better then a home cooked meal!

Jonna said...

mmmmmmm... to the home cooked meal and Gorky too!