Thursday, February 15, 2007

Still Celebrating

We are still celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary....heck, we may celebrate all year. The family gave us a wonderful party in Houston during the Christmas holidays for all our friends but we still wanted to celebrate with friends here in San Miguel de Allende so we had another party and we did it on Valentine's Day out in the country at Rick and Deb's casa. They were really gracious to let us take over their place for the day but it was the perfect place to have the party. The weather cooperated too. Sunny, blue skies and not too hot.

We used a local caterer, Patsy Dubois and she pulled out all the stops for us. We first met Patsy maybe 7 or 8 years ago when we went out to her place, also in the country, for a cooking lesson. After I talked to her, we went out to see her place again and also we tasted some of the dishes that she said she could prepare. Mmmm..... That definitely sold us. Patsy took care of the food, waiters, bar, tents, rentals. All we had to worry about was the music and entertainment.

So many times we have listened to the trio called Luz & Sombra in the Cafe San Francisco on a Saturday night and we really like them. So we lined them up to play. They came right on time, set up and played for three hours straight without taking a break. It was lively, but not too loud, just perfect for this outdoor party.
Well it was mostly outdoor but everyone had to at least walk through Rick and Deb's casa. They have a wonderful folk art store in San Miguel de Allende called Zocalo and their house reflects their passion for Mexican folk art as well.
The "entertainment" that welcomed our friends were the Bride and Groom Mojigangas. I love the Mojigangas and they always seem to set the stage for a fiesta. One of the things that seemed to entertain everyone was our wedding photographs that we had on a table on the portico. I think everyone looked at it and those that were "mature" remembered always wearing a hat and gloves and having the wedding reception in the Fellowship Hall of the church. I think the pictures brought back some good memories for everyone.

The Menu was chicken breast in a cilantro cream sauce, chilis stuffed with beans, grilled veggies, rice, salad with apples, walnuts and blue cheese. And then we had lemon squares and brownies AND we had a tres leches cake decorated for Rick and Deb because it really was their anniversary on Valentine'ls day.

It was so much fun......wonder what else we can do to celebrate our 50th Anniversary before the end of December.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Billie, what a special day. And, how fun to start off the year with two fabulous parties and then celebrate all year long. That's the way it should be!

wolverinemx said...

Congrats for your Anniversary