Friday, February 02, 2007

New York Times Food

There were a couple of interesting articles in the New York Times in the last week. I don't know how long these links will be available so I'll give you a bit of background on each one.

One in the Sunday magazine by Michael Pollan titled Unhappy Meals. It is a long article but basically he says that over the last 30 years government recommendations and nutritional science has changed what we eat in the USA and we are sicker, fatter and less well nourished. He says we should return to eating "real" food that isn't a lot of plants and a little bit of meat. This may be one of the reasons we feel so good here in Mexico. We get wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables and for the most part, meat in Mexican dishes is a much smaller portion that what we have come to expect in the USA. As I wrote the article is long but it is thought provoking.

The other article is by Mark Bittman titled In Mexico City, Regional Flavors Unchanged by the Big City. The article is about some restaurants in Mexico City that retain their regional flavors although for the most part Mexico City chefs mix the many cuisines of Mexico until you can't tell what went "into the final mix." Business takes our friends, Rick and Deb to Mexico City on a fairly regular basis and they rave about the food there, both the flavor as well as the prices as compared with San Miguel de Allende. So if you are planning a trip to Mexico City you might want to check out this article but just in case it won't be accessible later, I'll list the restaurants.

State of Puebla, Casa Merlos, Victoriano Zepeda 80, Obsevatorio.
State of Hidalgo, El Cardenal, Avenida de las Palmas 215, Lomas de Chapultepec
Maria del Alma, Cuernavaca 68, Condesa
D.O., Hegel 406, Polanco
State of Yucatan, Xel-Ha, Parral 78 Bis, Colonia Condesa

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Anonymous said...

There are FABULOUS restaurants in Mexico City.......I LOVE going there.......Casa Lamm, Elote, Tacuba, etc.etc.etc. I always have the sense of Paris when I'm of my favorite places........Thanks for the list of new places.