Saturday, February 03, 2007

Face to Face

It had been a few days since I left the house with the camera so yesterday I put the Holga lens cap on the digital camera and walked out the door. I saw Marcia, my artist friend just around the corner. I walked around the neighborhood and stopped to see Carolina and David. David had some prints made by a local printer and we were trying to analyze what was wrong with the print job....gorgeous images but the prints were off. While there someone else stopped by and he was carrying a camera so we had a good talk about photography. Then I stopped to see Chuck. He has a new printer and is making some gorgeous bound books. Watch out Blurb! You have serious competition in San Miguel de Allende.

I made a few images along the way. The two cars, face-to-face, just caught my eye with the color. And I knew when I saw it that this was the image of the day and that I would crop it square.

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