Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What is in the Water?

Before we had a house in San Miguel, I knew that everything seemed to bleach out quickly. So I bought white sheets so that we wouldn't have faded sheets but I just couldn't resist buying bright colored towels.

In five years that we have had our house in San Miguel, we have sheets that are getting holes in them and towels that were once a bright rust color that are now some sickly pinky-rusty color. I have bras that have disintegrated in 6 months time.

What is going on? We have a dryer so the wash isn't hanging in the sun. The maid isn't using bleach. What is in the water? If someone knows, please let me know.

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La Gringa said...

We have rust or something? in our water sometimes. Almost all my clothes have been ruined with blotchy brown stains that look like oil stains. White things are dingy.

I use Tide, even though it is very expensive, for all of our dark things and use the local type of detergent for whites. I think it helps a little. Hard to say.

Jill in San Pedro, Honduras, wrote about having her previously blonde hair stripped of all the gunk from the water while she was in the US. I've noticed that my hair is no longer as shiny as it used to be.

I've even noticed that glasses and dishes have a dingy look to them. The ones that I've rarely used and rarely washed here are still sparkly. The others are not.

Wish I had an answer!