Sunday, January 28, 2007


Friday and Saturday night there were concerts at the Angela Peralta Theater. On Friday night Huapangos Toreros, the duo of Gil Gutierrez and Wolfgang "lobo" Fink and on Saturday Gil, Cartas & Tuey with Agustin Bernal and the Queretaro String Quartet. We've heard some of these accomplished musicians before. Bass Guitar, banjo, guitar, acoustic bass and violin. Tom and Dianne had asked us if we would like to go on Friday but then Tom found out that the musicians would be playing at Bella Italia Restaurant after the concert. We decided to go to the restaurant.

Wouldn't you know that it was cold and raining Friday night when we left the house to go to Tom and Dianne's for a drink before we headed into town. A glass of wine and it is still raining so Dianne and I grab a cab and the guys walk into town. We had a great dinner. About the time we finished dinner the musicians were coming in and setting up. We sat there for two hours listening to an evening of amazing music. The musicians had already played a concert and it seemed to us like now they were just playing for the fun of it, a conversation in music, back and forth, enjoying the music and enjoying each other. It was magical. World class talent in this town. It is hard to believe that such talent entertained the 50 or so people in the restaurant.

When we walked out of Bella Italia near midnight, the rain had stopped. We walked home. This town still amazes me.


paris said...

Random, but hey, I was just searching for Huapangos Toreros, I was wondering if anyone else knew about them yet! I went to San Miguel several years ago, and they were playing in an Italian restaurant called Mama Mia's and I loved them so much I bought their c.d. I was just listening to it and googled their name, and this is what came up. That city is amazing, I would love to go back.

Pari$ said...

I don't know what it put as the link to me before...this is really me.