Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Still No Kitchen....Now I'm NOT Laughing

Up until now, I've been "entertained" by the kitchen remodeling process. Now I'm starting to get aggravated....some might even say bitchy. In my last post about the remodel I was laughing along with La Gringa about starting the year with two kitchens and ending the year with no kitchen. Today no laughing, not even a smile.

Today la arquitecta went with us to the granite place to see the new slab of granite and to be sure that they still had the "pattern" so that this time the hole for the sink would be in the right place. And of course, to talk about why they kept breaking the slab. We went out into the shop and they found the new slab and moved it so that we could see it. The color and pattern matched but the slab had a hairline crack that ran about 1/2 of the way into the slab, barely noticeable but it was there and it was in the middle of the slap where the hole for the sink would have to be cut as well as the holes for the water connections for the faucet. After much discussion, we rejected the slab. I was so glad we had la arquitecta with us as the lead spokesperson because she wasn't backing down, not one bit. I can't imagine why they would even want to cut that piece of granite for us knowing that it is likely to break along the fissure. So now we wait for 10 days, more or less, probably more, for another slab of granite to arrive. Who knows if the color and pattern will match or it that slab might be flawed.

Now you know why I'm not laughing!


Melyssa said...

Is it me or do people just not seem to give a rat's patootie about their work anymore? I'm so tried of people doing things 1/2 way or trying to pass the buck.. arg!

Anonymous said...

Melyssa said..Is it me or do...

No it is not just you - that seems to be the state of things these days.

Juan Calypso