Monday, January 08, 2007

Running a Little Late

Back in October we called Oscar, our favorite painter to come give us a quote on the painting that needed to be done for our kitchen remodel. Oscar is an artist and he is wonderful with colors or with decorative painting on furniture and walls. Because he is wonderful lots of people who are building big houses are using him. Oscar said he was very busy at the time and couldn't come for several months but he had someone working with him now who was also good and he would send him to give us a quote....on Wednesday at 11:00 AM. Well that Wednesday at 11:00 AM came and went along with many other Wednesdays at 11:00 AM between October and January but no one showed up to give us a quote.

We decided that Oscar was just being a polite Mexican and didn't want to tell us "NO" so we moved on to find someone else. But low and behold today on a Monday, not a Wednesday, but about 11:00 AM, someone rings the bell. It is the man that Oscar sent. He said he was a little late but he was here to give us a quote.

We got his name and phone number just in case......'cause ya never know when you'll need a painter.

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