Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Driver's License Too?

We are opening a new account at a financial institution here in San Miguel. We already have one type of account at the same institution but this is a different type account and so none of the paper work and identification from the first account applies for this account. We asked about that but they looked at us like we were a bit simple minded and and told us that the first paper work is in the other department. Okay, we understand that paperwork is in the room next door so we'll do whatever we need to do.

Ned had started the process the other day when he brought in his passport and an electric bill showing that they were billing him at the address where we live. But now in order for me to be able to have signature authorization on this account, they told him that we had to sign the paperwork together and I would need my passport. Today we back and ready to complete opening the account. I laid my passport on the table. And the bank officer said, "I need your driver's license." I don't carry my Texas driver's license with me in San Miguel unless I expect to be driving the car. "But why do we need it? It is a USA driver's license and does not have our San Miguel address. Do you want my FM3?" We asked because the FM3 has a photo ID and our San Miguel address. "Oh, no" she replied. "I need your driver's license." This had been discussed in Spanish. Ned's Spanish is much, much better than mine but we compared our translations while she was away from the desk, trying to figure out the logic behind the driver's license. We couldn't.

There was another bank officer at the next desk and we had heard her speaking English to someone else, so Ned asked her about the driver's license requirement while our officer was away from the desk making copies. She concurred that I must have MY Texas driver's license and a passport but Ned didn't need his driver's license because the house is in his name and the electric bill and his passport was all that he needed. Ned said, "But what if someone doesn't have a driver's license?" Her look said that it would be a BIG problem.

We have talked and talked trying to figure out the logic for this. If they had asked for a marriage license or a second photo ID or an FM3, okay we could see some logic. What are we missing? Have we lost something in the translation? If you can figure it out please comment. But tomorrow I'm taking my Texas driver's license so we can complete opening our account.


John said...

Hola Billie:

Would they accept a Mexican Driver's li.? I am told they are easily obtained - no test etc....


Billie said...

Juan, I guess they would but they'll accept the Texas driver's license and I have one. I just can't figure out the logic. Why?