Saturday, December 02, 2006

Why Alec Soth Blogs

I'm an Alec Soth Blog groupie. I check in every morning to see if he has a new post and then during the day I may check back to read any comments that have been posted. Alec is a artist who has published a couple of books, Sleeping by the Mississippi and Niagara. He is a photographer with wide-ranging interests in art and literature. I'm learning a lot from reading his blogs and following links.

I found his blog just about the time he started it back at the beginning of September. Joerg Colberg has interviewed Alec on Why He Blogs.

They discuss how blogs about photography have really taken off recently and Alec says that blogging has become his "smokey loft" where he can become involved in conversations about the aesthetics of art and about other photographers. From here in Mexico, I'm loving all the photography blogs and links I'm finding because I was feeling disconnected from the photographic community. Not any more. Now most of the time I am in overload and I'm going to have to become more selective in the blogs I check on regularly. But I assure you that Alec's blog will not be eliminated.


La Gringa said...

I hope La Gringa's won't either!

Billie said...

Not to worry, La Gringa. No way you will be eliminated.

Gary and Judie said...

Billie - How do you expect me to get ANYTHING AT ALL DONE, when you keep posting such interesting photography items??? I could spend all day following your links.

Juan C. has invited me to join that forum, so there goes another block of time.

We are on the move tomorrow, so reading time is going to be severely curtailed for the better part of a week.

Virtual hugs,


On the road in -
Sequim, Washington

Billie said...

Judie, I'm so happy that all of these blogs about photography are appearing. I think Alec is right. I guess it could be like being in a smoky loft but for me it more like sitting around with my photo friends at a dinner table, showing what we're doing, talking about who has an opening, a new process or thing we are trying. Talking about how hard it is sometimes to make art, how a slump feels. It feeds my soul and keeps me feeling energized. Living in Mexico I find I'm having to find new ways to keep the pipeline open and these blogs about photography are wonderful. Not as good as sitting with my photo girlfriends in Austin but good.

So don't think of following these links as wasting time, think of them as feeding your creative muse.

La Gringa said...

Whew! I'm glad I made the cut!

Joerg Colberg said...

Just for the record, my name is Joerg and not Jim.

Billie said...

Joerg, I'm so sorry. I'll correct the blog ASAP. Love your blog BTW.