Sunday, December 03, 2006

Thinking Outside My Box

The renovation of the kitchen is reminding me that sometimes I need a Whack on the Side of the Head so that I start to think outside the box that I have made for myself. I've had some good ideas about how I want to "decorate" the kitchen with granite, tiles and colors. They would work. They would work, that is, if I could pull all the pieces together. But it ain't happening.

If you've been reading along with this blog you know I've been trying to get some sample tiles made up. The design is a done deal. It is a standard design for the tile company. All I want is for the colors to be changed. But we have been through four or five samples and every time it is as if I didn't communicate what I wanted. And I'm talking to another fluent English speaker. Each round of samples takes at least a week if not two weeks. I'm a little slow but I've finally realized that I need to get another plan...outside my box.

The carpenter has been making samples of stained wood for me. The one I liked best was a darker color. It was a nice contrast to the granite and I thought it would look good with the stainless steel appliances. But the sample he had was alcohol based rather than oil based and all of the carpenters say that the oil based finishes are better especially in a kitchen. So far out of 6 or 7 samples we don't have a color that comes close to matching the darker alcohol based sample. If I want contrast with the granite and I can't get darker, try something lighter than the a pickled white. I'm a little slow but I've finally realized that I need to get another plan....outside my box.

Do you find yourself in situations like this? You have put together a plan and when that plan isn't working you go into problem solving mode for that plan because at that point you are determined to make it work. You are invested in that plan. You have a single minded vision about that plan.

Are you, like me, a hard-headed person who can be determined and stubborn and By God, you'll get it done whatever the cost? When maybe what you need is a new plan. But you have to step outside of the box you have made for yourself before you can see new possibilities.


La Gringa said...

I'm afraid I fall into the "hard-headed" category. I'm not bragging -- just being honest. I bought my wood stain at Home Depot and shipped it here.

I'm told that you can order online from the Miami Home Depot and they ship to Central America. I haven't tried it but I've talked to several people here who have. That is only the Miami HD, the others don't ship here.

Hey, isn't there Home Depot in Mexico, come to think of it? I think they are even online.

Kitchen cabinets are something you will live with a looooong time so you really need to get what will make you happy (in my hard-headed opinion).

La Gringa said...

Is it possible to draw the tiles and color in the design with the colors that you want?

This may be a situation where they just don't want to do the job, but it might be worth a final try...