Saturday, November 18, 2006

Walk Into Town

It has turned chilly, a bit of a breeze. At 5:00 PM as it started getting dark, we we want to follow our plan and walk into town or just stay cozy at home....maybe get a gordita from the car wash place around the corner or a tamale from the door by the barber shop just up the street. We decided to walk into town. So a little before 7:00 we headed out. There was a lot of activity at the Instituto. I had been by there earlier in the day and saw that a caterer was hard at work. So we surmised that a wedding reception was going to happen there.

We stopped at the tile store. The sample tile was going to be ready on Friday but when I stopped there this morning the employees didn't know anything about it. Usually the owner is there in the evening so we stopped in. No, the tile wasn't ready and Monday is a holiday so maybe Wednesday. Grrrrrrr.......

Back on the street there was a procession was the wedding party. The Transito truck was leading the way followed by a Mariachi band and the bride and groom, the wedding party and guests headed to the Instituto. Everyone was merry and most had a drink in hand. I love the way things are done here.

On into the centro. At the Jardin there were lots of Mexican families pushing baby strollers, buying toys from the vendors and talking. All of the food stands were setting up around the Jardin. We went past the Parroquia to the Correo Cafe. The doors and windows, usually open to the street, were closed against the chill and the restaurant was warm with bright red and pink tablecloths. We found a table and had a leisurely dinner.

When we left the restaurant even more people were in the Jardin and the Tunistas were playing to a large crowd on one side of the Jardin and on the other were a couple of Mariachi bands playing. Lots of people were strolling around the Jardin but not many were sitting at the tables outside of the restaurants. Too chilly.

Young people were starting to gather in the street outside of Mama Mia and some were around the windows watching the soccer game.

We could have gotten a cab but it was a nice night and we walked home. We made a good decision to walk into town.

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