Friday, November 17, 2006


We gotta winner with the new kid on the block, the restaurant Tao at Pila Seca 16 which opened a week ago. It may not be the Tao of New York fame but it was delicious.

We had tried to go there the week it opened but only one table was open. There were six of us and the place is small, just five tables, each for four, and not much room for moving tables around to accommodate a party for six or eight. So last night we tried again, this time with only four people. Right after we got a table, the place was full and several parties came in but could not be seated.

The place is run by a Korean couple. She speaks great Spanish and English. She runs the dining area and he is the chef. They were far too busy on Thursday night for us to find out any more about them. The food is Asian but with a heavy Korean hand. Every dish that came out of the kitchen was plated beautifully and looked so delicious that we kept asking the other restaurant patrons what they ordered, easy to do in such a small place. I think I have a long list of reasons to go back again and again.

At our table we opted for a salad with noodles and the Korean barbeque. The Korean barbeque is for two or more people. She said that two salads would be enough for four and it was. The salads were delivered to the table along with a gas-fired grill to cook the raw beef and onions. The salad was crisp and crunchy with slivers of fennel, red and yellow bell peppers, dried cherries and walnuts and it was dressed very lightly....maybe with a rice wine vinegar. The beef was tasty. This food was fresh, with bright, crisp tastes. It was a wonderful dining experience in San Miguel de Allende.

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